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WATCH: Man Breaks Out Some Moves After Break In

You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal.

YouTube/Daniel Kalemasi

A 43-year-old man performs celebratory break dance after successfully breaking into an office building. The police of Fresno, California have released surveillance footage ahead of David Michael Seale being arrested.

The incident took place at 2:21 am Sunday 6th May 2018. The culprit used key copies to break into the office building. He celebrated breaking in by dancing. Although, this was caught by the CCTV. Furthermore, Seale preceded to steal a very expensive laptop. On reviewing the footage, Seale was seen by police entering the office several times. He allegedly also stole cash from the office complex.

How the break-in unfolded:

On Tuesday morning, an office worker called the police after noticing a suspicious man leaving the office on foot. Then, police arrived and arrested Seale once they found the laptop in his possession. However, this was not before giving a false identity.

After being processed, it was found David had several warrants. However, he definitely celebrated a little too early with his moves.

Good thing that office worker was there before 10 am to catch the thief, but read about why it might be bad to work before 10 am here!

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