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WATCH: Idiot Gets Microwave Cemented to His Head

YouTube star pulls dumb stunt has to rescued by emergency services.

Credit: TGFbro/YouTube

There are a whole lot of idiots out there but youtube star Jimmy Swingler might just be the biggest. After watching this video where he cements the microwave to his head, you will definitely believe in survival of the fittest.

It’s hard to fathom what he was thinking when he decided to pull this stunt. All I can think is that he wasn’t thinking at all. Emergency services were called in to fix this monumental mistake. Jimmy could have died. he very nearly did.

There are many ways to become internet famous but putting your health at risk shouldn’t be one of them. The world needs a little more common sense and a little less cement. Jimmy stands as a great example of what not to do.

Curious as to what other idiotic stunts have been pulled on film check out this morons party trick.

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