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WATCH: Guy Superglues His Butt Shut After Eating Laxatives

Butt why?

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How far can one go for a few million YouTube hits? This guy eats taco bell, then consume laxatives and superglues his butt shut.

I can’t believe I actually spent 15 minutes of my life watching this video. This is as disgusting as they come. This is a one-of-a-kind experience so I’ll let you enjoy the video in all its glory:

So, where do I begin? If you didn’t have the courage or patience to watch the video, you’ve probably done the best thing. Basically, this guy eats taco bell and then consumes a whole bottle of laxatives. His friend then is entrusted with the supergluing process, but he instead pepper sprays the area. Fun! After showering and cleaning up, he does convince his friend to open up and glue his asshole properly.

Now comes the terrifying part. I’m pretty sure it’s not safe to superglue your butt hole, no matter the amount of laxatives you have consumed. Is the sheer force of the shit always enough to push through the glue? I’m neither a doctor nor a shit expert, so I wouldn’t know. He eventually does manage to defecate, albeit with a glued anus and a toilet seat filled with thumbtacks.

Clap, clap. What an amazing feat. Someone give this guy a (shitty) medal. I have to admit though, I was almost certain he would not be able to shit after all and that he would end up in a hospital. I’m definitely glad that he proved me wrong. Not because I care, but because that would have made this disgusting video even longer than it already is. Ain’t nobody got time for that much shit!

For more disgusting and equally horrible imagery, make sure you check out what has been going on lately in Sweden!

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