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WATCH: Free Runner Makes Risky Jump From Bridge To Billboard

Don’t try this at home


Free running isn’t exactly the safest sport, and this video will give you an idea why. 

Despite its short length, this clip from ViralHog is more than enough to get your heart racing and your palms sweaty. Check it out below:

The jump was made in Paris, France on October 27th. The unnamed free runner reportedly said “This jump is probably the most mental jump of my life yet. I feel like I passed a kind of barrier in my mind and I’m so happy about it.” Even in the last second of the clip, his excitement is palpable.

Still, I don’t think anyone would recommend attempting this same jump or something similar. It’s best to leave free running and parkour to the professionals.

But if you’re looking for another adrenaline rush without any of the actual danger, take a look at this point-of-view parkour footage from Tokyo.

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