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WATCH: Dumped Guy Heads To Japan To Make Music Video

We all react differently to a break-up.

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Everyone reacts to break-ups differently. Some wallow in the sadness for a while, and some just get on with life. I’m not sure what category this falls in to, but I love it.

When Austin Weber and his girlfriend broke up just before an expensive trip to Japan, he decided to still go. He changed his ex’s name to his dads on the ticket and they flew out to Kyoto.

However, what they did there together is a little unorthodox. Austin’s dad, John Weber, filmed his son singing ABBA’s hit Mamma Mia in locations around Kyoto. Most memorably, in a cold river.

The video begins with Austin stood in the river starting the song. Mamma Mia is about the heartbreak of someone not being able to commit when the other person can. A poignant song choice after being dumped. Furthermore, about half-way into the bizarre music video, Austin and his dad transport to other locations around the city of Kyoto.

What silly thing would you do to get over being dumped?

I love this video. It’s so silly and fun and shows just what break-ups can do. The filming and editing are hilarious. In the beginning, when the camera slowly pans from Austin to the people around the river, it reminds me of the DVD logo that would bounce around the edges of the TV.

This video has gone viral because it isn’t serious and doesn’t expect anything. It’s just funny and shows what a good sense of humour the father-son duo have. Austin linked to his Spotify where he has a whole album and his rendition of Mamma Mia. I’ll be listening to this one for a pick-me-up every now and again I think.

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