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WATCH: Cybergoth Techno Warriors Dance Battle in the Streets of Mexico City

Death to all poseurs!

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Some people in their spare time have a passion for running, some have a passion for reading and others have a passion for cooking. Others like to passionately dance to the sound of EDM without a care in the world like nobody is watching.

 Well, they probably thought no one was watching, until it was caught on camera. The pair exchanged their choreography as the electronic dance music pounded on in the background. You can decide for yourself below who you thought was the best.

For those of you with an eidetic memory of videos popping up on your Facebook, Twitter or trending on YouTube, then you may well remember this edition of a cybergoth dance party from a few years back.

Now, you may be wondering what the difference between a goth and a cybergoth is. A cybergoth dress similarly to your typical association of a goth, but instead of listening to rock and metal music, they listen and rave to electronic music such as techno and dubstep, adding a dash of colour to their attire and hair; of course while dancing until your hearts content.

What is so cool about this video, is that these guys are passionate about something, and are not afraid to embrace their interests and pursue what they enjoy. Credit to them.

In other dancing news; a match made in heaven.

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