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WATCH: Creepy AF Drone Footage Recorded From Abandoned Mental Hospital

An eerie psychiatric hospital in Wales.

Photo: mediadrumworld/youtube

Eerie footage of abandoned psychiatric hospital in North Wales. Would you dare go in?

The building is in Denbigh Asylum, Wales. This is a site which held over 1500 patients who were lobotomised and supposedly tortured in all sorts of unimaginable ways. The site is dark, dreary, decaying and graffiti-covered. It is the epitome of abandonment and isolation. But is it really empty?

The hospital was built in 1848 and has since been left to ruin. The stunning footage captures the uneasy and extremely dark, creepy atmosphere of the site where we can only imagine what the true horrors were really like. This was a time where little was understood about mental health, and many experimental techniques were used, many of which were extremely dangerous and harmful.

The building is enormous and has many underground tunnels.  Many brave people have ventured here and afterwards have remarked that they experienced discomfort upon being there and as if they felt a sort of presence.

The building is currently for sale for £2.25 million. No thanks, I think I’d rather stay in my dingy student house.

If you want another creepy article, read HERE about the ‘Teletubbies’ Totalitarian Terror’!

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