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WATCH: Someone Heavily Modified This Hummer to Beat Traffic

Hate traffic? This is for you.

America's new traffic lord and savior: The Hum Rider. Credits: Shock Mansion.

The solution to traffic jams is here.

Behold, this heavily modified Hum Rider is the answer. Fully extended, this beast is a towering 9 feet. It can travel over the roof of most cars. To make sure the Hum Rider doesn’t knock off a mirror or scrape a car, there’s four cameras and a video screen in the car. However, if traffic starts moving again you might be screwed while everyone swerves underneath you. But the monster weighs 8,500 lbs so beware.

Add some camo decal and a Trump/Pence sticker and this monster will spread fear amongst the masses. There’s a new jerk on the road, folks. It’s bigly.

Lastly, check out this article on a real life Transformer.

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