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VIDEO: Welcome To The Russian Slapping Game

All slap, no tickle.

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Many sports  involve some sort of physical violence and pain, and most require some amount of skill to them. This Russian sport falls into the category of requiring no such skill in sight. At least it has a very low barrier to entry though.

The sport has apparently been going on a while now and the events seem to be big in Russia. The video below is taken from Sarychev Power Expo. The event aims to promote patriotism, power sports and the strongest men in Russia. Whatever ‘being the strongest’ even means over there.


Without a doubt the most stupid thing ever to be seen. I have to admit though the stupidity is pretty entertaining, in a morbidly curious way.

The winner, Yuriy Kazmin, took home 25,000 rubles for being slapped 1,000 odd times. That’s about £300 for basically abuse. A pretty tidy sum though.

However, why not go to a sport that involves actual skill.

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