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German City Creates Sleep Pods For The Homeless

The pods have been installed in Ulm, Germany.

Sleeping pod in the snow in Elm, Germany
(Image: YouTube/YankoDesigns)

As you may know, there is a homeless epidemic in the West. Many suffering from homelessness have to sleep on the streets in all kinds of weather, which can be dangerous. A German city has decided to find a novel solution to this problem. The German city of Ulm has created sleeping pods for people suffering from homelessness to provide a certain level of security for them and keep them warm during difficult winter months.

A German-based team consisting of six business people in Ulm who have expert knowledge of designing and developing products came up with an idea for sleeping capsules in 2018. They tested the first pods they created in the winter of 2020.

The sleeping pods are called Ulster Nests. It Is made from wood and steel, and it is windproof and waterproof. It is supposed to keep at least two people protected from rain, frost, and humidity.

However, the creators have said it is not better than proper overnight accommodation, such as a shelter or home, because the temperatures in Ulm can get very low.

The sleep pods have panels for power purposes. It even has enough room for a person’s belongings and a furry friend if they have one.

There are sensors on the pods that monitor temperature, humidity, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels. It also has an electric verification system where someone inside a cab locks the pod. The pods also include lighting, an alarm signal, and a ventilation system.

The pods are connected to a radio system that allows a person to communicate without depending on mobile networks.

When the door opens, it triggers a motion sensor that lets social workers who check the pods know they’ve been used so they can be cleaned and reset for the next person. There are no cameras in the pods for anonymity.

They also invite the user to go to the city’s homelessness service.

The team who built the pods said they are still going through testing and doing work to improve the pods’ functionality. So far, the response to the pods in Ulm has been positive.

Hopefully, this invention will continue to benefit the community and get more homeless people the help they need.

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