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VIDEO: Meet PROSTHESIS, the World’s Largest Tetrapod Exo-Skeleton

This is all basically fancy science talk for MONSTER RACING MACHINE.

Jonathan Tippett’s interest in humans and machines has led to his newest invention and world record — the Largest Tetrapod Exo-Skeleton named PROSTHESIS. 

According the the Guinness World Records, PROSTHESIS measures 3.96 m (12 ft 11 in) tall, 5.1 m (16 ft 8 in) long and 5.51 m (18 ft 1 in) wide. The exo-skeleton’s body and legs are made from 1,600 kg (3,527 lb) of Chromoly steel tubing, a high-performance material typically used in aerospace and racing car industry. The machine can’t operate without a pilot (person) inside, connecting the high-power hydraulics to the highly sensitive control system in the exo-frame.

Jonathan Tippett explains his motivation behind PROSTHESIS: 

“I wanted to build a machine that celebrated the age-old pursuit of physical mastery and human skill. I combined it with modern technology to create an entirely new sport. It will pit pilot against pilot in massive, agile, high-powered, all electric, off-road running machines”.

Video via Guinness World Records Youtube

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Featured image via Guinness World Records Youtube.

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