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Telling Tourists To F**k Off Can Actually Save Their Lives, Evidence Suggests

Remi Gaillard back to his hilarious best.

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‘Go home fucking tourists’ banner was branded ‘insulting’ by the Mayor, but this insult could be the reason a tourist is still alive.

Gaillard’s banner flew above Carnon beach on the southern coast of France. Due to their close proximity, British and Spanish tourists flock to the beach. ‘Go home fucking tourists (love) RG,’ was displayed in English. Bemused tourists then saw the same message fly past for a d tourists a second time, but now in Spanish. A French banner French had to stay grounded, after the authorities turned up at the airport and banned further flights.

Condemnations of this as ‘aggressive’ are perhaps ignorant to the inclusiveness of Gaillard’s decision. He chose to use three banners, in three widely spoken languages. In doing so he made a conscious and arguably considerate decision to make this insult more widespread, equally offending everyone.

Galliard makes his thoughts on tourists crystal clear

Tourists get an eyeful on a clear day

The Aftermath for the Tourists

The Mayor dismissed this event as ‘some sort of pitiful humor,’ but the following day Gaillard spoke out. He claimed that the only thing pitiful is the early closing times at the rescue stations. The tourists which pack the beaches can look after themselves after 6:30pm, apparently.

But evidently that is not the case, as a tourist from Paris proves as an example. After the rescue stations had closed, a tourist who fainted needed first aid. Luckily, the lifeguards had appreciated the humor in Gaillard’s actions, so they hung around after hours. The tourist might not have recovered if they hadn’t hung around like they did.

Gaillard is glad he made this ‘stupid’ video, and it’s safe to assume the tourist that was rescued after hours was, too. So, is it really that stupid? Watch the video for yourself here and make your own mind up.

If you want more unusual tourism banter, then look no further! Just click here.

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