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Students Celebrate Last Day Of School By Throwing An Insane Amount Of Paper Down The Stairs

Apologies go out to the janitors whose job it was to clean this mess up.

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Senior pranks; a time when the kings and queens of high school leave their legacy with a mischievous gag. But, when the seniors are gone for the day, the rest of the student body come out to play.

With summer right around the corner, students have their minds on one thing, free time. From parties to making money, hanging out with friends and family, and sitting back and relaxing at a bonfire, plans of things to do in the summer engulfs the thoughts of the student. Tired of school work and tests, what more is a better way to celebrate school being over than creating a man made slide created by past study guides and homework assignments? On their last day of class, this high school made due with their old papers and decided to “take advantage” of the work given to them and “make use of it” as teachers would say.

With students piling up by the staircase and a booming countdown that shook the school, papers were thrown down from different levels of the school and a massive slide on the bottom steps were made. You see students sledding down as if it were a hill of snow. As they go down, papers continue to fall. Shout out to the janitors; they better be getting paid overtime.

A prank to be remembered, to be put in the history books. Can you top this high school antic at your own?

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