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Stray Dogs In India Turn Blue After Swimming In Polluted River

These dogs have a case of the blues.

Images via: The Daily Mail

Sadly, this isn’t a real life version of ‘Blue’s Clues.’

Several blue-colored stray dogs have been seen on the streets of Mumbai. While these dogs and their strangely-colored fur may seem entertaining at first, their discoloration is likely due to river pollution.

Authorities have spotted at least five discolored dogs near a stretch of river in Navi Mumbai. Dogs and other animals are known to swim in this area and look for food, but now their small oasis seems to be contaminated with industrial dye.

The current explanation is that dye used to make laundry detergent contaminated the river, though further water quality testing is underway.

A complaint was registered with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and the organization is currently investigating the possibility of illegal pollution.

Still, the MPCB has reported that their waste treatment capabilities are not adequate, with many locals complaining over recent years.

For more, check out this short video from Business Insider:

Hopefully the shocking color of the dogs can lead to more outreach and action.

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