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VIDEO: Steve-O Ranks His Top 10 Most Gruesome Stunt Injuries

Thanks Steve-O for teaching us what NOT to do.

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In his new web-series launch called The Gnarly Comedy Special, Steve-O – MTV’s former Jackass star – recounts his top 10 most painful injuries from stunts he’s done. With video evidence. 

So, if you have an easily queasy stomach, I’d advise proceeding with caution cause this gets pretty nasty. 

The now 46 year old, born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, is known for being recklessly enthusiastic about performing ridiculous stunts – I mean, his whole career is based on it.

But after a lifetime of jumping off balconies or rooftops, teasing bulls, playing with snakes, being launched in port-a-potties… well, it’s obvious not everything is going to always go right. 

As promo for his new show Gnarly Comedy Special, which will stream exclusively on his website for $9.99, Steve-O has released this video montage of his worst injuries.

Just to give you a taste of what he has in store, at Number 10 (supposedly the least painful of his injuries), is the time he jumped off of a roof and into a hot tub. He not only hit the bottom of the tub, but also clipped his butt on the edge of the bench, and shows evidence on how it ruined his back. He says it was still “pretty gnarly”.

At number 5, however, there is the time he tried to do a fire-breathing backflip.

Yes, you read that right. Because a backflip itself is not dangerous enough. 

He said it ended up with all of the skin on his face looking like it was “rolled up like a joint”. How lovely. 

In second place, though, there is the time he stood on top of a wooden Port-a-Potty, while balancing on a skateboard, while a car drove through it. Multiple times.

One question: Why????

At first place though, is the injury he got filming the season finale of his new show that he is promo-ing for, Gnarly. The stunt is him blowing up his living room, while he is still sitting inside of it. However, being Steve-O, he kept doing trials but ending up completely fine. In the spirit of a grand season finale, he felt he had to up the ante, so he covered himself in gunpowder and then tried again. This resulted in serious burns all over his body. 

Steve-O comments, “I had never had anything more terrible happen to me in my entire life.” 

No one’s doubting that Steve, trust me. 

If you’re into more stunts and their adrenaline rush, check out this crazy parkour group testing the limits of gravity. 

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