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Snoop Dogg Stunned By Sean O’Malley’s Brutal KO In UFC Commentating Debut – Smokes Him Out After The Fight

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Everyone absolutely loved it when Snoop Dogg started narrating nature videos – he came out with some golden one-liners – which is why we were stoked to see that he’s back again, this time hosting his first ever UFC fight. And boy does he make it special

The D.O. Double-G, Snoop-a-loop, easily one of the greatest rappers of our generation, is quickly becoming one of the funniest and realest commentators of our generation.

Snoop was present for Dana White’s ‘Tuesday Night Contender Series,’ for which he got a spot in the booth to call the O’Malley/Khasakyan bout.

It seems that any given situation is better with Snoop Dogg commentary. Snoop was excitedly spitting out amazingly hilarious one-liners like his “3-piece dinner with biscuits,” call, which came seconds before O’Malley floored Khashakyan with an absolutely devastating right hand, ending the fight in the first round and successfully earning himself a UFC contract from Dana White- who you know as the famed UFC promoter who made the Mayweather/McGregor fight happen.


After the fight, O’Malley was invited to Snoop’s after party, where the two chilled and smoked a few blunts together.

I honestly couldn’t imagine this happening in any other sport. For a young fighter like Sean O’Malley who just got signed by the UFC, it must be surreal to have Snoop Dogg waiting for you at the after party ready to smoke you out on tons of dank Cali bud. O’Malley claims that he smokes weed for his recovery process, and that marijuana makes him a better fighter, which is tough to argue with after watching his devastating KO win.

I also hope that Snoop continues with his broadcasting career. I feel like the dude is always somewhere spitting gold, smoking blunts, and bringing good vibes. Any network or media outlet should be jumping at the chance to hire the LBC legend.

Check him out on his GGN Show interviewing Post Malone.

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