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People Charge The Fence Of Lollapalooza To Get In And One Was Not So Lucky

Scaling a fence and getting into a music festival was worth it to these people!

Swimfinfan. Above & Beyond. August 1, 2014. Retrieved via

Music festivals happen all over the world and all come with pretty hefty price tags. Sometimes that means you won’t be able to avoid a ticket to see some of your favorite artists perform. Now for some people, its disappointing to not be able to afford to go and see the artists we love but we accept it and just hope to be able to go to another one soon or try again next year. But for others, they think of creative ways to get in and try to pull it off, like what happened in Chicago on Sunday at Lollapalooza.

According to timw_brap ( since ticket prices were so high and some could not afford them, people “decided to run at the fence together and jump” ( 1). Security guards did not try to stop these people from doing this. It is clear from the video that they were overwhelmed but they did manage to stop one guy from continuing. Here’s the video below.
Surreal Bowl. Breaking Into Lollapalooza 2019 #lollapalooza #stormlollapalooza. August 2, 2019. Retrieved via
Swimfinfan. Lollapalooza 2014, Chicago. August 1, 2014. Retrieved via

As you can see, this guy with a prosthetic leg was the only one who was stopped by security but by the time he got close, most of the crowd has already made it in so its not a great showing for the security team. Though security says in a statement that says in part: “approximately 50 people attempted to breach an exterior perimeter fence at Michigan Ave…no one was able to gain entry to the festival” ( 1). Timw_brap clearly doesn’t buy it because he points to the video as being plenty of evidence to the contrary. I have to agree with him but maybe the fence was not actually a direct entrance into the festival.

Silver Lining For One

The guy with the prosthetic leg didn’t get into too much trouble though. He actually go to go in, meet some artists, and see some of the performances from the side of the stage! ( 1). So, getting caught by security didn’t result in harsh punishment for him or the others. However, storming a fence or any kind of entry way into something like this should not be viewed as the thing to do in all future events. Music festivals are expensive and the prices are only going to go up, its just a fact of life and the way things are. But this kind of behavior should not be the way to go and not expect to have serious consequences. Let’s hope this isn’t a new trend.

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