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Mysterious Lights Spark Rumours of a UFO in Shenzhen

Always believed UFOs to be false? See for yourself…

Photo by Jun HuiL from Pexels

UFO? Now you know…

A beaming cluster of bright lights were reported in the sky in Shenzhen, China on 25 July. This has sparked frenzied rumours of a possible UFO. 

Footage of this incredible occurrence – which has since been shared over four million times – show a group of beaming lights within the partly-cloudy night sky. The lights range from hues of red, blue and yellow.

Credit: Daily Mail

Home to 12.5 million people, Shenzhen is one of the country’s most metropolitan cities. It has a thriving technology industry and has become one of China’s southern giants.

There is a UFO in the sky. This is so strange.


Other residents shared the viral video on Weibo, China’s hugely popular domestic equivalent to Twitter, claiming such ‘alien spaceships’ and a possible doomsday. 

According to the Shenzhen Evening Post, local weather authorities have since attributed this to ‘warm night light pillars’. These occur at humid conditions with the presence of high-altitude clouds.

If you thought that this was a crazy sight to see, then it might be time to book your next trip to space!

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