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Logan Paul’s Flat Earth “Documentary” A Bust

Is he or isn’t he a believer?

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Approximately 4.5 billion years ago a solar nebula erupted creating particles that coalesced into massive celestial bodies. One of these bodies was the planet we have come to call home, the Earth.

Less than a billion years after that life started to appear on Mother Earth and things ran pretty smoothly for a few billion years. That was until only 66 million years ago when humans came on the scene and started to change things up. Humankind has achieved many great things during its time on the planet from the discovery that our planet was round in the 6th century BC by Greek mathematician Pythagoras to the creation of YouTube by internet entrepreneurs Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen in 2005. What do these two achievements have in common? They were both the subject of media frenzy this week as internet personality Logan Paul announced he believed that the Earth was flat.

Paul, a 23-year-old YouTuber from Ohio, announced on March 21st, “My name is Logan Paul and I think I am coming out of the flat earth closet.” His statement and the trailer for the documentary he would make were the subject of ridicule, especially in light of comments from YouTube in January about helping to quell the spread of disinformation in the videos that it recommends users. Upon yesterday’s release of the “documentary” about flat Earth belief, which was really just a poorly made 50-minute sketch comedy vlog, Paul announced that he was not actually a flat Earther.

Paul, as an internet personality, is notorious for his ridiculous, embellished, and often controversial material on websites like Facebook and YouTube. In addition to his flat Earth claims Paul’s controversial stunts includes the creation of vlogs depicting suicide victims, claims about going gay, and many others which have spurned numerous calls for Paul to delete his YouTube channel. His channel which boasts millions of subscribers and billions of views has generated for Paul a net worth of approximately $19 million dollars, which just goes to show that that ignorance is bliss, and apparently it pays very well.

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