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Jimmy Kimmel Edits Donald Trump’s 45 Minute Speech Into Something Funnier

Kimmel’s version of Trump says all the things we wish he would.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

In a new sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Donald Trump’s speech from the previous week was edited into a 40 second apology for his presidential term.

The video, which already has over two million views, first discusses the recent speech from Trump, which lasted 45 minutes. The speech concerned alleged voter fraud, but became something quite different in the hands of Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

“It was a lot to take in really – too much – so we decided to whittle out all the misinformation and from – what? – forty something minutes of talking this is what was left.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s version of the speech has Trump declaring things like:

“This election is done. Joe Biden is going to be your next president. It’s too late to change the outcome.”

Plus, something many Americans have been waiting for Donald Trump to say: “I’m sorry.”

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only TV show host to be bashing Trump. John Oliver recently took a stab at the former president, with hilarious results.

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