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VIDEO: Guy Plays Prank on His Girlfriend by Throwing REAL Snakes on Her

Pure evil.

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I suppose you could say this is the epitome of being ‘snaked’…

This evil mastermind decided to play a prank on his sleeping girlfriend, one that would make most of us run to the hills with fear. I mean, does this guy even still have a girlfriend? We’re not too sure.

Some people think that when you get into a comfortable relationship you can get away with anything. But this crosses that line! I’d punch the guy.

See the video here:

The charming boyfriend and his camera man creep into her room while she’s sleeping and chuck 2 huge pythons on her. They giggle as they wait for her to wake up.

The girl’s response is pretty much what we’d expect from this situation. While the prank is entertaining you also have to feel sorry for the poor girl, she clearly isn’t the biggest fan of snakes (and I’m not just talking about her boyfriend).

Funny or not, he succeeded in getting the dramatic reaction he was hoping for! The girl screams and cries even after the snakes are taken away from her, clearly traumatised by the event while her boyfriend and his friends laugh at her pain, until he eventually realises he MAY have taken it a little bit too far… (nice one buddy).

Don’t try this at home kids.

If you’re a fan of crazy pranks, check out this ‘period prank’ that’s taking London by storm!

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