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Guy Dares His Apprentice To Walk The Plank Across A Swimming Pool…

What happens next…?

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Here we find a man who has been dared to walk across a cold swimming pool in exchange for money…what’s the worst that could happen? Oh, and it took place in Australia…obviously.

Having a bad day? Here’s something that will definitely cheer you up. After one man bet his apprentice he wouldn’t make it across this plank, well, you can guess what happened next can’t you?

Let’s all watch together and find out, shall we? I mean, the photograph kinda suggests that the worst is about to happen, but it’s 2017, of course there’s gonna video content of the whole thing!

So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a good rest of the day after watching this:

I mean, wow, it really couldn’t have gone any worse? What I really want to know is just how much money was at stake?

Only in Australia, am I right? The poor guy looks in genuine pain, but that didn’t stop the laughter, oh no.

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