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Great White Shark Jumps Into Boat And Shocks Australian Man

Giving Jaws a run for his money.

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Terry Selwood, a 73-year old Australian fisherman, recently had the surprise of his life. Chaos ensued when a great white shark suddenly leapt into his boat.

Enjoying the peace and quiet off the New South Wales North Coast, Selwood was doing nothing out of the ordinary. His boat was located about a mile off the coast of Evans Head, a place where he usually fishes. That afternoon, he was using two hand lines – one hanging over each side of the boat. As he describes in a phone interview, there was no water current, and he could see nothing on the horizon.

When he noticed the right hand line start to tug, he went to investigate. As he leaned over the side of the vessel, something caught the corner of his eye. The next thing he knew, a shark was in his boat! Coming in at only 18 feet, his dinghy was quite small compared to the 8-foot great white. The shark thrashed and flopped, bruising Selwood’s arm and taking out a chunk of skin in the process.

Listen below in more detail to what the fisherman calls a “one in a million shot”.


The Coast Guard finally came to Selwood’s rescue, and he ended up okay. Although sadly, some of the boat’s equipment was ruined due to the shark thrashing about. And questions still remain on exactly why the animal jumped into the vessel.

Want more crazy shark footage? Watch here as paddle-boarders become surrounded by 15 great whites.

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