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Explore Rio de Janeiro in this Parkour POV Extravaganza

Live out your “Hardcore Henry” fantasy.

Two Brazilian athletes filmed a first-person video of their acrobatic exploits through the seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Picasso Parkour, a team of parkour athletes, captured a pulse-pounding POV video tearing through rooftops and streets.

The duo take us from the Ipanama Beach, to Escadaria Selaron, to the peak of Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Mountain). Along the way we are treated to breathtaking views and inventive stunts.

Parkour originated from a French military training discipline pioneered by Georges Hébert, a naval lieutenant, in 1902. Following a volcanic eruption on the Caribbean island of Martinique, Hébert watched indigenous people vault the obstacles in their path with ease, while Europeans struggled to escape, unable to move efficiently through the environment. Hébert found that athletic skill and physical conditioning must be integrated with a soldier’s training. He created a physical training discipline that used running, climbing, swimming, and man-made obstacle courses to recreate the natural environment.

Soon, this “Natural Method” became the standard for all training, and in the 1950s was developed into “parcours du combattant,” or “path of the warrior.” Today, ‘parkour’ has picked up around the world, and is globally popular, even a popular element in action movies!

The Picasso Parkour YouTube channel posts vlogs, training videos, and more. Find more of their exploits on their YouTube Channel.

Credit: YouTube|Picasso Parkour
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