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Dude Parties With His Mates And Still Makes The Deadline For His Essay And Earns An ‘A’

Pre-gaming for essays–it’s a thing.

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This guy has achieved legendary college status by combing partying and academics. The results? A fun night of drinking and an ‘A’ on his essay. Well done, mate. Well done. I’m sure the hangover afterwards was grand, but worth it.

Classic Lawrence Kemp, still manages to hit up the club with the homies and earn excellent marks. However, he apparently started working on the essay a few days before hand, but it’s an achievement for the books nonetheless. This guy clearly excels while working under pressure, especially in the club with a minute to spare before his essay is due.

He’s clearly having a heart to heart with his fellow bro in this picture. Distracted by beers and obnoxious friends, that doesn’t stop this guy from being dedicated to the most important mission of the night: submitting his essay before midnight.


Look at him, pre-gaming for his essay. That’s dedication right there.


Well done, mate. Drink plenty of water to celebrate that sweet victory and then wash it all down with some more booze later.

Check out this article on another legendary man, ‘Leeroy Jenkins’, and his legacy that all started back in 2004 World of Warcraft.

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