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Chilean Batman Delivers Food to the Homeless

Batman has no food limits!

Photo Credit: Screenshot from China Daily video

Not all Batman’s’ fight crimes. This Superhero fan dresses up as a Batman every day, and walks through the streets of Chile, delivering food to the homeless and underprivileged communities.

Switch out the Bat-mobile for an older model Mitsubishi, you will find the generous, incognito man who day in and day out has taken it upon itself to not only feed the homeless but also to protect them from Corona Virus, by wearing a medical mask upon the full-body costume.

This superhero is known as the “Batman Solidario” in Chile, where he is a trader by the day and a food-delivery superhero by the night. It is reported that since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Batman Solidario has been preparing food at his house for the homeless population.

Despite its small population of 18.73 million people, Chile’s number of confirmed cases is comparatively high, standing at 387,502 Coronavirus patients, and 10,578 Corona-related deaths across the country.

Similarly, Unemployment rates have skyrocketed more than 12% across Chile, bringing them to the highest points within the past decade.   

The mysterious superhero told Reuters reports: “Look around you, see if you can dedicate a little time, a little food, a little shelter, a word of sometimes of encouragement to those who need it…It is appreciated from one human to another.”

As the world comes together during these difficult times, Dubai, as always, has found a way to beat the other countries by training their dogs to sniff out Coronavirus. Check it out here.

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