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Anderson Cooper Dumfounded by the Unsafe Measures Las Vegas Mayor is Willing to Take to Reopen Vegas

“Wow that’s ignorant” Anderson Cooper (and the rest of us) to Carolyn Goodman.

Screenshot of CNN Interview

Mayor Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas, Nevada is pushing to open the casinos.

In an exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper, Mayor Goodman believes lifting the quarantine and opening the casinos makes for a great move, amid the global pandemic.

“I want us open in the city of Las Vegas so the people can go back to work. We are putting children and families back out on the cities. I want everything back. We never close down United States.”

Carolyn Goodman, CNN Interview, April 2020
CNN Interview

Even though Mayor Goodman has the power to open the city which attracts millions of tourists, she doesn’t believe that the negative medical consequences are her responsibility. She does, however, believe the heat will help Vegas with the pandemic. “Our hot summer coupled with unique economy compels us to be at the forefront of America’s ‘reopening.”

Goodman expresses that “America loves Las Vegas and wants very much to see her survive.” Yes, this is true. However, America would love to see Las Vegas survive after the pandemic is over. What she fails to take into consideration is that by opening the casinos back up, the visitors will be situated in closed spaces, breathing the circulated air for hours unend.

If the Vegas casinos open up, millions of workers will be forced to go back to work. With the city not having a quarantine order, and with all the jobs opening back up, the employees who refuse to return to work for the sake of their and their family members health, will be risking their jobs. When Anderson Cooper asked Goodman if she understands the reality of this, Goodman said she does, and because of the Pandemic, which has already taken the lives of over 50,000 American residents, many people out of their jobs.

Cooper asked if Goodman herself, who claimed to sympathize with the casino workers, would be willing to go to the casinos and work in the frontlines, she said she can’t because she has to cook for her kids. And the truth is, dirty politicians such as Goodman who are more worried about the longevity of casinos as opposed to the lives of their workers will do absolutely anything, and will risk the lives of others in order to keep the money rolling in.

“This isn’t China, this is Las Vegas, Nevada.” Said Goodman and Cooper responded “wow. Ok, that’s really ignorant.”.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mayor who values your life, here are some ways you can entertain yourself, while you stay at home.

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