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All-Star YouTube Celebrity FIFA Match is Hilarious!

Boris Johnson scores big!… but only in a fantasy football setting.

I’m not the biggest football fan but I do loves me some good political commentary. Who’d have thought it would come in the form of some fans dubbing over a FIFA match on YouTube. 

Okay, it’s not the deepest commentary or satire you’re getting here. It’s mostly oblique references to current and past pop culture happenings, but still, clever. The match is a friendly between Chelsea and LA Galaxy with world-renowned players like Morgan Freeman, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump all having a kick-about. 

Has Trump ever actually seen a football, let alone played? I suppose he can’t really, what with his bone spurs and all.

The video is just over 8 minutes long and it’s worth a watch if you’ve got nothing better to do during your self-isolation.

I particularly enjoy the fact that Michael Jackson’s shirt has “Hee-Hee” on the back. Sadly his character doesn’t do the moonwalk at any point.

Highlights of the match included Bob Ross’ aggressive play ending in him being sent off. Obama replacing Trump after a shocking performance (maybe the White House should take some cues from this). And Boris Johnson actually managing to successfully score some legitimate points for his side.

Commenting on his performance, one of the commentators remarks, “Well, a lot of people hate Boris Johnson.”

Insightful stuff there.

Now, I said I wasn’t the biggest fan of football but I’ve always fancied myself a detective. Maybe I’ll solve some of these cold cases while I wait for this pandemic to blow over.

Featured Image Credit: SonageGaming

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