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 Look Up Sororité Vintage; You Won’t Regret It. 

Fashion is a part of sisterhood, so join in by shopping sustainably at Sororité Vintage.

Epic fashion is becoming bigger than the whole sky, and Sororité Vintage will help you achieve it.

Sisterhood or Fashion?

Sororité is short for “sisterhood” in French. A group of sisters created this business from the inspiration of their mother, who adored timeless sustainable fashion. With over 788k followers on Instagram, the sustainable shop has quickly become a resort for everyone’s online shopping habits. The business prides itself on resourcing vintage, quality luxury pieces from all over the world. They stand beside those who believe in the future of our environment while also providing staple pieces that still fit in with the ongoing societal trends. 

The Modern Cinderella?

Image Credit: Sororité Vintage Official Website

This vintage luxury dress looks like it came out of a modern Cinderella rendition. The detail on the dress’s straps is dainty and delicate, while the lace on the Claire Pettibone dress is a masterpiece. It is from the early ’90s, which is all the rave right now in the fashion world, and is very romantic. This dress is perfect for this upcoming summer. 

Spring Collection

I will do anything to bring up shoes in a topic of conversation, and this is no different. Sororité’s shoe drop date continues to be set as a reminder on my phone because it’s not something I ever want to miss. The collection is complete with unique designer shoes, and they always happen to go along with what has been trending in the fashion scene. Just look at those petal pink vintage Chanel heels with the roses. They are everything. 

“A Woman’s Right to Shoes”

Sororité markets well on their Instagram platform by finding images from well-known celebrities wearing timeless and elegant pieces, and then in the next slide, it will be what they are selling. It alludes to the kind of aesthetic the piece can bring and it’s good marketing. This post pays tribute to the Sex and the City episode, “A Woman’s Right to Shoes,” and her prized Manolo Blahnik’s. If you want a pair of chic shoes like Carrie Bradshaw while also being sustainable, look no further.

Gold Treasures

Image Credit: Sororité Vintage Official Website

Lockets have been in style for years, but we only see more and more of them in jewelry boxes now. This vintage 2004 Hermès locket is engraved with “vive l’Idée!” (“long live the idea!”). Sororité’s team reworked the piece to minimize waste and get it back into someone’s jewelry box instead of being hidden away. This is a treasure and can now be purchased on their website. Sororité has everything, from clothes to shoes to jewelry. 

Celebrities Choose Sororité

Image Credit: Sororité Vintage Official Website

Sororité has been a go-to among stylists when preparing for photoshoots. Their curated pieces have been seen among Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, and Billie Eilish. These pieces that celebrities have been seen wearing are a part of their private vintage archive and cannot be purchased.

In the Stylist Section on their website, they state, “Current garments include rare vintage Azzedine Alaïa, Chanel, Chloé, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Gucci, Thierry Mugler, Valentino, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, & more.” If you want to see the elegance and luxury of these curated pieces, look at the ‘Press & Feature’ section on their site. 

La Conciergerie.

Are you a stylist looking for a piece you don’t see on their site for sale? The concierge allows you to give them input. If you have your eye on a vintage piece that has caught your eye and want to purchase, ask for their help.

They state, “Think of us as your personal vintage concierge — simply let us know what you are looking for below and our team will work hard to have those pieces or styles available for our next-dated vintage release.” Don’t be shy; tell them what you are looking for! 

Studio Sale

Image Credit: Sororité Vintage Official Website

This gorgeous sunshine yellow two-piece lingerie set is on sale now on their site. It is perfect for this upcoming spring and summer. It would look perfect worn with a pair of kitten heels. 

If you still want to support sustainable fashion but are on a budget, their studio sale is definitely for you. They have pieces in a range of sizes, and it’s not just clothes on sale; it can also be shoes and jewelry. New vintage pieces are constantly added, so don’t forget to check them out. 

Shop Sustainably

Shopping sustainably is so essential for the future of our climate. Buying pre-loved clothing reduces the amount of emissions, which, ultimately reduces your carbon footprint.

The vintage market has so many treasures, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Shopping sustainably can be done from the comfort of your own home by shopping with Sororité Vintage. 

Make the change.

Make the decision to change your carbon footprint and begin buying sustainable fashion. Be cool, be sustainable, be fashionable and shop with Sororité Vintage. 

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Hi! I am in my third year at Boston College, and I enjoy predicting future fashion trends and keeping up with articles from the top Fashion magazines globally.

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