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A Circular Swimming Feature For Seals Has Been Created And It Is So Satisfying!

Who doesn’t love watching seals swim around and around?

Credit: pusa hispida/Youtube

The video is so mesmerising, we could sit and just watch that seal swim around and around for hours! If you are willing to take the risk that you may very well find yourself stuck watching this video over and over, then click on the link below to see the seal in question enjoy his swim.

It is currently unclear as to who made the water feature and why, but it is definitely enchanting to watch! The video was uploaded to a channel named pusa hispida on the 5th of August and has since amassed 1,315,833 views and over 40,000 likes.

This channel is a must-watch if you are a big fan of seals, because all of its uploads are centred around the marine mammals. Some of its uploads include videos of seals interacting with humans and seals just falling asleep, so it is sure to be a channel that gives you cuteness-overload!

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Seals are popular attractions at zoos and marine institutions and they are well-known for their attraction to humans, which explains why pusa hispida has a video of a person getting close enough to pet one!

So go ahead and check out pusa hispida’s channel, it is sure to provide you with lots of smiles!

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