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Apartment Listing’s Badly Photoshopped Pictures Go Viral

“The couch is a vampire!”

Credit: @caitiedelaney/Twitter

Last month, a weirdly sexual ad for a New York apartment baffled Reddit users. Now, the desperation led to one of the most laughable Photoshop attempts on Twitter. 

TV writer, Caitie Delaney tweeted the oddly edited photos with the caption, “Losing my f***ing ming at these apartment listing photos.” One features a kitchen, centering an island where an overgrown plant sits at the edge; and two poorly cut, pixelated stools overstep the shot. 

“Strong Blues Clues vibes,” someone commented, alluding to the surreal visual arrangement.

The other picture shows a ‘Great Room’ with an awkwardly-positioned grey sofa, that doesn’t have a reflection. One amused user wrote: “So we going to just ignore the fact that the couch is clearly a vampire? I’ll assume it’s named Nosofaratu…” 

The stools weren’t neatly cut, the sofa has shrunk and now levitates, but best of all, the original photos captions try to play the photos off as natural. 
The tweet has gained 50,000 likes among other humourous, or outright disbelieving, replies. Many guessed that graphic design was this person’s passion.
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