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The World’s First Cannabis-Infused Alcohol-Free Wine Has Arrived

Wine and weed, weed in wine.

Credit: Rebel Coast Winery

Do you love a little vino after a tough day of being beholden to the almighty dollar? Do you wish that your love of wine would not leave you dealing with a next morning migraine that feels like it came as a result of several little people tap dancing on your skull? 

This is going to sound like advertising (it kind of is), but hey, I believe in the quality of substances. Rebel Coast Winery is a major innovator in the world of wine, as they have just started bottling and distributing their cannabis-infused, alcohol-free sauvignon blanc. Whaddya know? While Christ could apparently turn water into wine, these guys can inject weed into wine. What a beautiful time to be alive.

Now, I am confident that all is not lost in this fine world of ours; if you can’t kick the blues, then you ought to get your keister over to Rebel Coast in California and purchase a bottle. Maybe two. Maybe, a case. Well, they are sixty bones a bottle, so a case may not exactly be in the budget.

Rebel Coast is in full compliance with California state laws so they won’t start distributing, or selling their product door to door, until January of 2018, which is when recreational marijuana will be legal in California. Soon enough my friends, soon enough, so stop licking your lips because you are starting to look like a mongoloid. Cheers!

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