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Detroit Man Makes An Alleged $2,000 A Day Through Marijuana Vending Machine

You’re not going to marij-wanna buy from him…

Image credit: Don Lyfe / YouTube

Detroit local Marcellus Cornwell allegedly earned $2,000 a day by selling ‘marijuana and pills’ through a small, digital vending machine. The machine was located outside his home, providing his primary source of income. 

Cornwell was arrested after officials received information regarding his activities. He was found in possession of numerous illegal firearms and suspected kilograms of cannabis. Police confirmed the vending machine’s purpose, successfully purchasing a total of 9g of suspected marijuana over several days.

The vending machine was in operation for four years total. 

Upon his arrest, authorities found 18 firearms in Cornwell’s possession. The firearms found in his home were illegally owned, as Cornwell’s prior convictions disallowed him from legal ownership of such weapons and ammunition. 

Cornwell has been released on a $10,000 bond after claiming he was unaware of his prohibition from owning firearms, stating that he was simply an avid collector. He has also been cautioned against the continued operation of the vending machine, amongst other restrictions. 

Cornwell is scheduled to reappear in district court on May 19th for a preliminary examination. 

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