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What Do We Know About K-Pop Star G-Dragon’s Suspected Drug Use?

Explore how G-Dragon drug-related charges, underscoring the impact of the nation’s severe drug laws on entertainment industry.

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In Seoul, South Korea, the famous star G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-Yong, is facing another legal issue. G-Dragon doing drugs, confronting an examination for supposed drug-related offenses.

The 35-year-old South Korean star arrived at a local police station in a dark car and spoke to reporters. 

G-Dragon, known for his suit and glasses, confidently denied involvement in illegal drug activities.

He assured the reporters that I hadn’t done any drug-related crimes

As worries from fans mounted, he offered consolation, expressing, “Don’t stress excessively. I’ll be back after the inspection.”

G-Dragon Doing Drug under examination

The examination concerning the G-Dragon doing drugs case opens out over an almost four-hour cross-examination. The famous person said he didn’t have drugs in his system and agreed to a detailed evaluation willingly.

G-Dragon cooperated by taking a hair test and answering all questions truthfully.

He has a history of drug use. In 2011, authorities accused him of using cannabis, but he did not face any significant consequences.

 G-Dragon’s drug case situation is emblematic of a broader trend in South Korea, where an array of entertainment figures, including those like G Dragon who have faced allegations of G Dragon drugs, have come under the scrutiny of investigations. 

South Korea has implemented stricter laws on drug consumption and trafficking, leading to increased attention.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol wants stricter punishment for drug dealers, with life imprisonment for cannabis possession. They sees drug use as a significant crime, and offenders can face up to five years in jail.

Showbiz personalities under investigation

Officials have probed well-known individuals, like actor Lee Sun-kyun from “Parasite,” for drug use in showbiz. 

South Korean comedian Yoo Ah-in faced drug-related crime accusations in October. These accusations highlighted the country’s strict stance on such matters.

Even members of the famous South Korean group BIGBANG have faced severe consequences because of G Dragon BIGBANG’s drug use.

In 2017, authorities gave rapper T.O.P. a suspended jail sentence for using cannabis, which got him in trouble. Rapper T.O.P. used cannabis and received a suspended jail sentence in 2017. 

Another group member, Seungri, retired from the entertainment industry in 2019. The court sentenced him to 18 months jail for arranging sexual encounters in exchange for money.

Regulations in South Korea are applicable to individuals who consume cannabis legally in foreign countries. If these individuals return to South Korea, they may face jail time.

Chun Charm Won, the grandson of former South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan, showed a strict approach.

 He faced penalties after returning home. He posted a video on the internet. The video seemed to show him consuming tablets. He take these medications in New York.

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