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Solve a Real Cold Case Murder Mystery From the Comfort of Your Home

Are you smart enough to see what police couldn’t?

Are you the type of person that rewatches murder documentaries? Prefers games of a more mysterious nature? Considers yourself a ‘true crime’ fan? Then check out this awesome new game designed exactly for the people like you.

You can now order murder cases that have gone cold and it’s up to you to solve them. Included in the package is all the necessary clues including newspaper clippings, photos, fingerprints, autopsy reports and anything else crucial to the solving the mystery.

It should be noted that these cases are fictional, but realistic none the less. Users are expected to decrypt evidence and navigate through the scene of the crime, including access to the internet.

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So far, there are only four different cases available, Harmony Ashcroft, Jamie Banks, Max Cahill and Jane Doe. The game producers have teased two new cases being developed though. The cases go for $29.99 which is £23.01. Since the internet got wind of the mysterious new pastime, many of the files have already sold out but are expected to be restocked by the end of the month.

For some, an opportunity like this is the ultimate night in, night out… and pretty much every other night.

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