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Latest Starfield Update Fixes One of the Game’s Giggest Annoyances While Adding DLSS

Explore Starfield’s new update, addressing annoyances, enhancing gameplay, and introducing DLSS for an improved gaming experience.

Man Playing Starfield game in front of the TV with headphones. Source: Shutterstock/Miguel Lagoa

Starfield’s new update allows players to consume food and beverages within the game world. This feature is accessible through the opt-in Steam beta.

In Starfield’s new update, players discover various food items, such as partially eaten club sandwiches and hot alien gizzards.

But, the complex process of using these things, which includes going through the game’s menus, has been consistently annoying. 

The Steam page for Starfield Beta Update 1.8.83 introduces a feature. Players can now consume food and drinks they find in the game environment.

The Starfield’s controversial feature fulfills a popular request. You have the option to relish those Chunks right away or reserve them for future use. 

The decision is entirely up to you. This update makes the game smoother and more realistic, letting players interact better with the virtual world.

Starfield’s new update about DLSS support 

The Starfield new update for PC now has Nvidia DLSS support, which combines severe and fun elements of in-game updates.

Nvidia graphics cards now support DLSS Super Resolution, DLAA, Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS Frame Generation. 

Starfield’s controversial feature improves graphics and follows discussions about Pure Dark’s DLSS mod.

The mod received good reviews, but the developers put some of it behind a Patreon paywall with DRM. This caused debates about selling mods with copyright protection. 

Bethesda has included DLSS in the official Starfield’s new update, demonstrating their dedication to improving the game’s graphics. They also plan to automate specific settings in future updates to make the user experience even better.

For tips on improving your Starfield experience, check out James’s guide for the best PC settings to make graphics better.

Gameplay and quests

The Starfield new update includes more than just graphics and gameplay changes. It also includes a detailed list of various aspects of the game. 

Beta 1.8.83 has improved the stealth mechanics, simplifying the player’s engagement with the game’s mechanics.

Starfield’s controversial feature tackles issues such as NPCs randomly appearing naked and does not overlook quirky occurrences and bugs. 

Bethesda’s efforts in Starfield’s new update

Bethesda’s commitment to polishing the player experience is evident, ensuring a smooth and immersive gaming environment. 

Improved visuals for background characters and changes to ambient occlusion enhance the game’s overall visual quality, especially for ultrawide resolutions.

We have implemented several fixes on the quest front to enhance the questing experience. 

Operation Star Seed, a pivotal quest, no longer suffers from a critical disappearance glitch that hindered players from progressing. 

We solved the problem of NPC David Barron not appearing in the Sabotage quest, making the quest better for players.

The Starfield new update is getting better and includes improvements that make the game more enjoyable for players. 

Bethesda dedicates itself to creating an engaging gaming world in Starfield. They demonstrate this through their carefulness, responsiveness to players, and commitment to improving graphics and gameplay.

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