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Quarantine Gives Man Time to Build 13-Foot-Tall Roller Coaster in Apartment

Newark, Ohio resident builds awesome K’Nex roller coaster at home.

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @bastard_spastic

People can do some cool things when they have time on their hands. And with the coronavirus continuing to be very present in the United States, a lot of folks have decided to stay inside.

What people do in their homes is up to them, but if you are anything like this Ohio native, you like spending your inside time building enormous K’Nex Roller Coasters

As a kid, I never had a K’Nex Roller Coaster. I was more of a Lincoln Logs type of guy. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I had a K’Nex when I was 10-years-old.

It would’ve been my dream to make something like this when I was little. But at the same time, I doubt I could even make this now, let alone when I was 10: this thing is a monstrosity. 

One of my biggest questions is whether or not this guy lives with anybody. Did he just go up to his significant other and say “Honey, I’m building a roller coaster, and it might take up the living room”? Who knows, but whatever the case he was able to create something awesome (permission granted or not).

Another question I have for him is how long did the construction of this actually take? The roller coaster is 13-feet tall and goes across his entire apartment. I’d have to imagine it took something like six hours to build.

Then again, I never had K’Nex, so I really don’t know how easy or hard it is to put together. But after going on the K’Nex site, I see that some of their designs are pretty intricate. With that being said, I lean towards the side of this being more difficult than easy. It may not be as hard as learning how to swim, but this guy deserves credit where it is due. 

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