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You Won’t Believe This Man is Actually a Cake!

They say that art can imitate life and vise versa, but this is taking the cake.

Featured image via Unsplash | Deva Williamson

They say that art can imitate life and vise versa, but this is taking the cake. Literally! Prodigal cake maker The Bakeking is known on social media for his out-of-this-world and life-like bakes. But his latest commissioned piece for musician slowthai is mind-blowingly amazing!

In a “throwback Thursday” post, The Bakeking reshared his viral hit cake of slowthai. He says in his IG post that the cake was, “Made for his music video ‘Feel Away’ – all his body parts were made from vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugarpaste details!” That all sounds absolutely delicious — who can resist a good, old vanilla cake? This cake came at the height of cakes that look like other objects crazy last year during the first quarantine. It seems like the internet is still caught up over The Bakeking’s slowthai cake though. And with good reason!

The picture that made the internet lose it’s collective mind — via Twitter @The_Bakeking

There are so many more pictures of this bake on The Bakeking’s Instagram, which you can view here. All this renewed interest in The Bakeking’s iconic cake of slowthai has come at a crucial time for the musician. His latest album, TYRON, has skyrocketed to the top of the UK Billboard charts since its release and it seems to be exactly the kind of boost slowthai needed. After some scandal last February as slowthai was accepting a trophy at the NME Awards, he went into the COVID lockdown with a huge weight on his shoulders. It seems that TYRON will be the redemption he needs.

The only question that remains is this: would you eat a cake that looked this real?! I don’t think I would be able to, honestly. What other objects that are cakes would you eat? Hit us up in the comments and as always, from all of us here at Trill!: wear your masks, keep social distancing, and always be yourself.

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