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New Short Film Strange Beasts Explores the Dark Effects of Futuristic Technology

A cautionary tale.

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In a new short film, Strange Beasts, director Magali Barbe presents customizable and virtual reality creatures that are the pets of the future. But what happens when the technology is taken too far?

Barbe is a very talented VFX artist and director, and at first glance, this short film appears more like an infomercial. It is not only until sinister and satirical themes begin to emerge does it finally present itself as a movie.

In the beginning, main character Victor Weber, founder of Strange Beasts (a virtual reality home entertainment system), creates his own pet. He and Walter make for an adorably cute twist on man and his best friend. Yet watch as Weber and “his daughter’s” friendly creations suddenly take a dark turn. In Barbe’s distorted genre fiction, Weber’s insanity suddenly spirals.

This film calls into question the addiction of humans to technology. It is a warning that speaks to the disturbing effects it can have on the obsessed and the problematic features tech of the future may hold.

Too excited about the future and can’t get enough virtual reality? Watch here about a graffiti simulator that lets you paint walls without having to run from cops. 

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