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New Manhattan Business, ‘Wrecking Club’, Lets You Smash Stuff to Let Off Steam

Nothing a little smashing session can’t fix.

Featured Image Credit: NBC New York

Have you ever been so angry that you felt the urge to smash something into a million pieces? Have you ever followed through with that urge and just ended up with a bunch of broken shit? Well now there is a way you can release that rage and keep your stuff: The Wrecking Club.

The Wrecking Club is a new business that has just been introduced in Manhattan. It is a safe and organized environment in which you can literally pay to break objects and release your pent up tension. For just $40 for 20 minutes, you can smash as many items as you want. You can even choose between a crow bar, a sledgehammer, or a baseball bat as your demolishing weapon of choice.

A post shared by Wrecking Club (@wreckingclub) on Feb 10, 2017 at 5:36pm PST


And lucky for customers, the room comes with pre-loaded items to break. Among the selections are fax machines, alarm clocks, fine china, laptops and desktops, and TVs. And if you still really want to destroy your own stuff, you can bring that too. Not only does this unique idea get rid of old junk, it’s also a surprisingly effective way to exercise. Founder Tom Daly had this to say:

“It’s a great release of energy, and it’s one hell of a workout to boot.”

Sounds like a great concept. And I’m sure many more people would rather do this than spend an hour in the gym. So go ahead, let off a little steam.

Watch here as this $200,000 BMW meets its bitter end thanks to an angry pedestrian and a baseball bat.

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