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Louis Theroux is Traveling The World or at Least his Face is

And he totally loves it.

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With three brand new documentaries coming out this year, Louis Theroux is at the top of his game. He’s even travelling the world, at least his face is.

Due to his abundant creative genius, crafty sense of humor and mind-blowing productions, fans young and old, short and tall, male and female and everything in between, swoon when they think of him. Rossalyn Warren, an award-winning multimedia journalist, may be his biggest fan yet.

While Rossalyn Warren is out fighting for human rights, she actually takes Louis with her (well, maybe not his physical being but just a small token to remind her that he is always with her). On a purple clutch lies Louis Theroux’s aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful face, which Warren takes around the world with her on her many journalistic, world-saving adventures.

So far, she and Louis have been to Kagali, Zanzibar, Cologne, and Munich. She vowed to snap a picture of her precious bag in every country she visited. She’s been keeping her promise so well that even the real Louis Theroux noticed! He responded to her tweets with enthusiasm and has since been following her movements to see where they would end up together next.

Now, that’s a great way to get your celebrity crush to notice you! But it’s not as wild as someone being able to upload an hour of uncensored North Korean TV!

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