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Clothing Company Releases ‘Hairy Leg’ Leggings

Newest fashion trend?

Images via: Contrado

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the style of hairy legs without actually having them? Yeah, me neither.

Nevertheless, that option is now available to you: the clothing company Contrado has recently unveiled their ‘hairy leg’ leggings, which do not contain actual hair (as far as I know).

Rather, the printed on design emulates the look of hairy, unkempt legs. While that may not sound all that appealing, I try to keep an open mind. Besides, this model seems to be enjoying them:

Hairy Legs 1

And for $49.00 (plus shipping and handling), you too can “Make hairy legs a statement,” though I’m not sure exactly what that statement would be.

These leggings could round out your Halloween costume or find their way into your everyday wardrobe. The options are endless.

Strangely, the leggings don’t seem to be available directly on Contrado’s website, but they are available on RedBubble.

In even weirder clothing-related news, it appears that wearing bedsheets is a new rising fashion trend.

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