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South Park Team Up With Adidas to Create Limited Edition Shoes for 25th Anniversary of Show

These kids are back on the block.

Credit: Adidas

To mark the show’s 25th anniversary, South Park has teamed up with Adidas to produce a collection with all your favourite friendly faces (quite literally) everywhere.

The controversial cartoon show famous for its foul-mouthed characters and topical jokes isn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box with its ideas. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen stars of the show on our feet… almost a year ago, South Park X Adidas released a limited edition Towelie shoe, for all your 420 needs.

Released on Monday, the 6-piece shoe line features every iconic South Park character as well as every iconic style of Adidas shoe. From a Stan Marsh inspired Stan Smith to a Zombie-Kenny trainer you’d struggle to miss, there’s something for everyone!

With a pricepoint of £84.99-£109.99, these shoes are sure to halt any holiday plans you may have to Colorado, but a trip to FootLocker to buy them is just as good, right? You’ll have to travel fast though, with certain sizes already being marked as sold-out despite them being on sale for less than a week.

The Comedy Central series first aired back in 1997, and a lot has changed on the show since then. Whilst he may have his own Professor Chaos sneaker in the latest Adidas collection now, Butters was far from a main character in the original series. In fact, he wasn’t even namely recognised until season 3!

And this isn’t all South Park have created to celebrate their 25th anniversary: the show is going all out with its own concert held in Colorado this August. So pop your stylish shoes on (maybe mix and match them if you’re really wanting people to ‘respect your authoritah’) and head out for a night filled with South Park celebrations.

The South Park X Adidas collection is available to buy from Footlocker now.

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