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Apple Previews New Emojis Coming This Year

More emoji, more fun.

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On World Emoji Day, Apple previewed some of its newest emoji that will be launched later this year, on its website.  Some of the emoji include a woman wearing a hijab, which is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women; a zombie; a dinosaur; and a breastfeeding-woman.  #wokeemoji

Sandwiches, coconuts, zebras, people with beards, a star-struck face, fairies, elves, vampires… the list goes on.  iOS, macOS, and watchOS users will now have more ways to add their own twist to each message they send.

Back in 2015, Apple decided to include more skin colors to their well-known person emoji, which left a more racially inclusive impression on many users.  However, some users thought the change did more damage than good, knocking Apple’s inclusivity for racial segregation, and an even easier way to pick on others, via emoji.

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Also in celebration of World Emoji Day (which falls on July 17th because of the calendar emoji that consistently reads July 17th no matter what the actual date is), the App Store highlights apps to create or do fun things with emoji.  iTunes Movies also features emoji in place of movie titles.

The upcoming emoji may look familiar, because Unicode 10 was officially released by the Unicode Consortium earlier this year on June 20th.  Unicode brainstorms what the new emoji will be, while the manufacturers of the emoji company create and release their designs.  Google blobs were manufactured,

and they were a thing, and they were awesome, and of course they’re being replaced with normie circular emoji to fit what’s already been consistent with the emoji of Twitter, Facebook, Samsung, and more.

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Apple has not announced when the new emoji will be released.  But if we know Apple like we do, it will be this fall, along with the with the iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra updates.  I want an apple cider emoji, dammit.

NEW animated film about an eggplant emoji.  Check it out here

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