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Maris-Tech’s Strategic Leap: Capturing the U.S. Defense Market

Adam Emanuel, an industry veteran, joins Maris-Tech’s advisory board, partnering with Altagrove LLC to promote innovative UAV and unmanned platform solutions.

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Maris-Tech Ltd., a company listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbols MTEK and MTEKW, specializing in providing artificial intelligence (A.I.) accelerated video solutions for edge platforms in the B2B sector, has announced significant strides in its expansion efforts within the U.S. market. 

The company disclosed that it had appointed Adam Emanuel from Emanuel & Associates, Inc., based in Washington, D.C., to join Maris-Tech’s Advisory Board. 

Furthermore, Maris-Tech has established a partnership with Altagrove LLC, a defense and space technology manufacturer located in Virginia, with a focus on delivering innovative technology solutions to gain a competitive edge for their customers. 

This collaboration aims to facilitate the marketing of Maris-Tech’s products within the U.S. governmental and defense sectors.

Adam Emanuel’s Extensive Experience in Aerospace and Defense Sectors

Adam Emanuel boasts more than three decades of experience in the aerospace, defense, and homeland security sectors within the U.S. federal market. He has a track record of representing both American and significant Israeli companies. 

His expertise includes overseeing collaborative programs between the U.S. and Israeli governments, guiding the entire process from advocacy on Capitol Hill to securing funding, managing competition, and adapting technology to meet American requirements.

Maris-Tech’s advanced edge-AI computing capabilities and low-latency video streaming solutions, designed for seamless integration into remote platforms, have been exceeding the stringent requirements of North American manufacturers and defense contractors, serving both the commercial and defense sectors. 

Maris-Tech’s latest and groundbreaking offerings and revolutionary advancements were showcased prominently at the prestigious Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, a prominent global exhibition and symposium. The company is also gearing up to showcase its offerings at the upcoming Milipol Expo in Paris.

CEO Israel Bar’s Perspective on Maris-Tech’s Growth Prospects

CEO Israel Bar of Maris-Tech shared his perspective on the recent appointment, stating, “The rapidly expanding global market demand for video-based Edge Computing solutions, coupled with the strong interest in Maris-Tech’s exceptional solutions that seamlessly combine video streaming and AI acceleration for autonomous remote platforms, has opened up exciting new growth avenues for our company on the global stage. 

We are delighted to join forces with Adam Emanuel and have full confidence in his wealth of experience and deep market insights, which will be instrumental in driving our expansion strategy into the U.S. defense market. 

With Adam and our other accomplished Advisory Board members, Mr. Nir Ben Moshe and Mr. Les Litwin, we are fortifying our Advisory Board to help Maris-Tech successfully penetrate new markets.”

Adam Emanuel expressed his anticipation, saying, “I am looking forward to leveraging my extensive experience in the U.S. market to promote Maris-Tech’s unique solutions. Maris-Tech’s field-proven products have already garnered global recognition, and I am thrilled to introduce them to the U.S. market, with Altagrove taking the lead as the systems integrator.”

Maris-Tech: Leading the Way in B2B Video Streaming and AI Innovation

Maris-Tech stands as a B2B leader in the realm of video streaming and AI technology. Our roots trace back to the founding members, seasoned veterans of Israel’s technology sector with extensive backgrounds in electrical engineering and imaging. We specialize in developing cutting-edge solutions to cater to the ever-expanding requirements of both commercial and tactical applications.

Our hallmark is the delivery of high-performance, compact, energy-efficient, and low-latency products that cater to companies across the globe. This client base includes leading manufacturers of electro-optical payload, RF datalink, and unmanned platforms. 

Moreover, we are proud to serve a diverse range of sectors, such as defense, homeland security (HLS), and communication companies, solidifying our reputation as a versatile and innovative technology provider.

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