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WATCH: Lamborghini Snowboarding (Yes, It’s A Thing)

New England couple use Lambo to drift and carve up the streets.

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New England couple use Lamborghini to drift and carve up the streets

The American north east is no stranger to snow storms, as recently as March this year New England was hit by blizzards. They can often cause extensive damage and major power outages in some areas.

So when it comes to choosing a vehicle you’d probably think of something sensible that can deal with the icy conditions come winter. Something with a 4×4 drive train and a limited slip differential for example, a Range Rover or a nice Jeep.

Not this couple. They decided a £200k, 631bhp Lamborghini Huracan Performante was the perfect New England run around for all seasons.

Honestly though, after seeing what they do with their Italian super-car on the snow covered streets it’s sno’wonder they decided on the Lambo . Watch them have snow much fun here: (Too many snow puns?).

It certainly looks like they had a chill time! (Ok I’ll stop now). I’m on a much tighter budget so next time it snows I’ll have to strap a plank to my feet and try and rope a passing bus to replicate that kind of fun.

Don’t try that at home kids, but if you do, video it and send it to us. As usual you can say stuff in the comments below. You can also check this out if you’re so inclined.

Try Not To Flip When You Watch This

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