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Tyson Fury Has Banned From Wikipedia From Repeatedly Editing Klitschko’s PAGE

So childish.

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Of course Tyson is a popular boxer, but he has become known for acting like an utter joke most of the time. Doing and saying the some of the most stupid stuff heard. Obviously, he is living up to his reputation well as his next fight with Deontay Wilder is coming on the 1st of December.

While promoting his fight, Tyson, in an interview with BT Sport Tyson admitted that he was banned from Wikipedia because he kept on editing Wladimir Klitschko’s page in the run up to their fight back in 2015. Here’s his interview:


Yes it is true, until I got banned from Wikipedia.

I did it because it is a public site and I just wanted to prove that anyone can write whatever they want on Wikipedia because it’s public. If you want to go on and edit my profile, you can.

I have not edited anything on mine but because I am the lineal champion, someone keeps going on and putting that I am retired. I am clearly not retired.

So I keep changing it back to active but every time I change it to active, someone changes it back to retired. Someone obviously wants me retired.

Pretty funny that a World class boxer has to resort to childish tactics to make the other person look bad. Bad sportsmanship. Although, that is probably while Fury is famous as he is basically an every man.

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