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Newspaper Mistakenly Uses Picture Of Stormzy As Footballer Lukaku

Shut up.

Shut up.
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Recent headlines have mistakenly labelled famous UK grime artist Stormzy as the footballer Romelu Lukaku. So Stormzy decided to take to Twitter to express his view on this.

Undeniably, this is a pretty stupid move by whoever is running this newspaper. Some fans have called out saying it also has some racist undertones. The two black men have entirely different professions, so why would you assume that the man in the picture (Stormzy) is Lukaku, at least without clarifying this?

The headline:

Stormzy Lukaku headline

The newspaper covered a story of Lukaku’s move from Everton to Manchester United, but the picture they used was clearly Stormzy, not Lukaku. This, as you can imagine, immediately was noticed and shared rapidly on social media. Stormzy himself took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction towards the error:


Stormzy’s fans have showed support for his outrage and equally see the newspaper headline as ridiculous and offensive.




Yikes! This paper has a lot of explaining to do. At least they’ll be more careful to check the details in future…

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