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Shock as People Realise Not Everyone Thinks with Internal Monologue

Turns out some people don’t!

When you sit back and relax, what do you hear? Do you work out your thoughts in full sentences or in random flashes which you then have to translate? I have always had an internal monologue and think through things in detail. However, Twitter went into meltdown when someone shared that not everybody has this.

Whilst Twitter might not be the best source for scientific facts (I know, shocking right) this does have some basis in reality. Just looking at the replies to the tweet makes you realise that some have this and some don’t. 

I always enjoy filtering my thoughts coherently in my mind. It seems like it could be a trickier task for those guys who can’t do it. You have my respect. I don’t have the dedication to constantly have to verbalise everything. It also seems like it could really hold you back in a complex meeting or conversation.

However, there are some downsides to having an internal monologue. As a replier to the initial tweet stated it can make your brain feel like ‘a god damn podcast that never ends.’ There’s nothing worse than when you know you need sleep but your brain is constantly bombarding you with new thoughts. It can also be unhelpful if you suffer from a mental health condition as it can cause overthinking and overly critical self-reflection.

It does encourage thinking about that voice in our heads though. Do you think in your own accent? Can you change the voice to sound different? So many different questions for pointless time wasting arise. However, as long as you’ve got a healthy way of working through your thoughts that works for you, I’m sure things will be fine. And remember, non-internal monologue folks, don’t verbalise too much if someone you dislike is around.

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