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Anti-Pornography Extremist Tries to Bomb Cellphone Stores in Effort to Stop ‘Transmission of Pornography’

I know what you’re thinking. No, they’re not from Florida.

Anti-Porn Extremist Old Man Attempts to Bomb Verizon Store
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John Douglass Allen faces federal charges after authorities allege he planted pipe bombs around cell phone stores in an effort to stop pornography, cursing, and “indecent communication.” I know this sounds like some ‘Florida-Man’ type shit, but Allen’s actually from Michigan.

According to the FBI, on September 15, Allen allegedly left boxes with wires hanging out of them outside of an AT&T in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The following day, Allen placed a similar-looking box outside of a Verizon in Cheboygan, Michigan.

The two devices recovered were examined by the FBI laboratory Explosive Unit, which concluded that the two devices were improvised explosive devices (IEDs), also commonly referred to as homemade bombs. 

An example of a homemade pipe bomb.
Credit: Queerbubbles/Wikimedia Commons

Why Did He Do It?

In a letter addressed to “AT&T, Verizon, and all other Carriers,” sealed in a polka dot envelope left near a cell tower, Allen wrote: 

“We are almost thirty strong. We are prepared to travel throughout this Country and begin destroying inner-city tower communication unless the following is followed: 

  1. All telecommunications containing immoral content must be stopped. This includes cursing, the transmission of pornography, and all manner of indecent communication. As software must me[sic] developed, you are therefore given six months to comply with this demand.”
John Douglass Allen’s threatening letter addressed to cell phone carriers that was discovered near a cell phone tower in Michigan. The photo was taken by the US Attorney’s office. This photo was captured via a screenshot from ABC News, who republished the picture.

In the letter, Allen demands the telephone carriers send $5 to an organization called CMT and threatens that if one of its members gets arrested, “your problems will begin.”

Allen, a retired underground miner, used his background in handling explosives in mines to create IEDs that were prepared to inflict serious damage. 

According to the FBI report, “Metal spheres and nails were found within the powders of each device. Hardened objects such as these enhance the explosive effect, propelling fragments of metal outwards at high velocities which can cause additional damage and injuries.” 

Federal agents were able to identify Allen shortly after seeing his vehicle on a toll camera system. Allen is charged with extortion and attempted damage of buildings. Both charges carry up to a 20-year prison sentence. 

Are Anti-Pornography Extremists A Threat To Society?

Anti-porn rhetoric is not uncommon in certain spheres of the internet.

A Vice article written in April shared that “in early February, a post by an extremist Christian group on the far-right social media platform Gab called for the death of a specific Pornhub executive. 

‘WANTED,’ the image posted to Gab, featuring a man’s headshot and full name, said. ‘For crimes against women and children. Help us bring pornstars to justice. Save your children from the LGBT ideology. Save your daughter from becoming a whore. Save the white race!’”

This attack against Pornhub was taken to the next level when a mansion owned by Feras Antoon, a Pornhub executive, was torched in an apparent arson in April.

Final Thoughts

The final statement by the extremist Christian group above, “save the white race,” says a lot about this movement.  Anti-porn language and sentiment have been endorsed by white nationalist groups who have a burning desire to eradicate the world of anything not aligned with their white-separatist and Christian ideologies. 

As these groups pick up more steam, it’s likely that more anti-porn-fueled attacks will occur; it’s only a matter of time.

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